Antares' Tech Voyage

Capturing the Land of Usernames

Here’s my first blog post and I decided to keep this a casual one and came up with the topic of discussing my trip to the first destination “The land of Usernames” in this neverending voyage .

How things began?

Dating back to the literature lessons in school , was the first instance of my encounter with the concept of pen names used by the writers.This indeed aroused a desire in me to associate myself with one to get a cloak to disguise myself.

So why did it take me such a long leap to get one? I didn’t have a great interest in writing so where would I use a pen name. Did that mean I should put aside my desire? Certainly no ,by the time I had completed with my high school , I had figured out my interest in the software world ,and voila here comes the apt place to use a disguise .

Let’s ponder for a while

Amidst everything in the world, I am very fond of stars in particular, reasons being clear,they are inanimate ,you don’t have to bother about their behaviour which is certainly predictable unlike the animate elements.
Have you ever wondered that it’s a star which keeps blazing even when it’s the day time until the fateful day of its fuel depletion arrives .I must say ,stars indeed are a source of illumination and eternal enlightenment. So you can make them your dedicated companion for the span of entire 24 hours .(you won’t have even your dearest friend the entire day with you , but a star will surely be)

I require this a lot because the silly me gets into various issues while working on development and at times need to spend nights trying to hack my way out.

Finally , I firmly finalised to choose my zodiac sign’s brightest star ANTARES to be my user name for my accounts.

If you did scatch your head for a while you could have guessed my zodiac sign too ;p

Here comes a twist ,my username on github (aakp10) unlike my gitlab account (antares) doesn’t comply with my username choice I’ve been blabbering about for a while.That’s because there are some hundred odd users with the same username on github ,that meant not having a completely unique identity and hence my decision.

I hope you could get some insight into my journey .

Thanks for reading !

Bon Voyage ! and continue with your voyages until I post about the insight into my journey of setting up this blog .