Antares' Tech Voyage

Outreachy's finally here !

It’s been a month since the Outreachy Round 15 results were announced . Yay! my proposal for adding a network panel to GNOME Usage was selected. I am glad to be working on something I personally have been longing for. Moreover, I finally have something to cut down on my Xbox addiction and channelize it into bringing the network panel to life.
It’s going to be really amazing working with my mentor Felipe Borges , and Usage’s co-maintainer Petr Stetka ,given their experience and expertise.

Here’s a walkthrough of what the project is all about:

Currently there are not many Linux based GUI tools to monitor network statistics on our system ,unlike the CLI tools. Network Panel in GNOME-Usage will serve the purpose of making a UI available at the user’s service enabling them to monitor their network in a process oriented manner.

This panel can be designed to provide not only the per-process data transfer rates ,but also other details : open ports dedicated to some service (this can be of a great use to start or stop services from a UI ), list of interfaces. Currently it’s not finalized what all additional data will be available apart from the data transfer rates, but this panel surely has loads of new things in store for the users.

Lately, I’ve been discussing with my mentor regarding the approach for the backend API , which we plan to be incorporated in libgtop. As the Outreachy round officially started yesterday ,I plan to dig into the libgtop codebase and get started with coding ,the most amazing part of this internship !

This week onwards, I will be regular with my blog posts , updating about my progress on the project.
Lots in store for the geeky network enthusiasts looking forward to having a new compelling look to otherwise conventional network details.

Stay tuned! :)